Bukolooto Christian Faith Center was established in the year 2000 with a mission of training the church in Uganda and evangelize territories and nations.

The ministry was founded by pastors; Ian and Milly Sebbanja in obedience to God leading them from Kampala city to the rural community of Bukolooto, Kayunga district in West Eastern Uganda.

first church
The children main church which we started with to minister to children in the community. Construction of a new Children church is still underway

How we started.

When Pastors Ian and Milly Sebbanja reached Bukolooto, they were welcomed by a community of Moslem and witchcraft practicing people. The community was characterized by a high crime rate including, theft, murders, rape among other crimes.

Pr. Ian and Milly went into a serious spiritual warfare in order to change the community. By the grace of God, the community started appreciating the works of God and got converted to Christianity. A number of ministries were established aimed and converting, and nurturing new converts into faith.

It was because of the need to enter into a serious spiritual warfare that we had to brand ourselves as “God’s Armour”. We have to have a way of reminding ourselves that we are in war with the devil. All the time.

Pr. Ian Sebbanja

Currently, Bukolooto is rated among the peaceful communities in Uganda. The people have become so loving and hospitable by the grace of God.

Ministry Strategies

The Ministry has three Major Strategies;

  1. Training the people
  2. Mentoring leadership and
  3. Outreach to the nations

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

Mathew 28:19-2
Bukolooto Christian Faith Centre
Bukolooto Christian Faith Centre Children Church under construction