Media is one of the ways through which Bukolooto Christian faith Centre in promoting the gospel and changing hearts in Africa. Below are some of the projects under the Media Ministry.

Live Radio Talk shows

The centre is running a weekly radio program on Local Radio stations. A Radio program, “Yambala Eby’okulwanyisa” (Put on God’s whole Armour) is airing every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 6:30pm Kampala time on Impact Radio 98.4 FM

Pr. Ian Sebbanja and Jenifer in the studios of Impact Radio during a live radio gospel talk show

Live Tv programming

The Senior Pr. Ian Sebbanja runs a live tv show every Sunday at 6:30pm on Dream Tv. It is a wonderful way of taking the gospel world wide and it has been a blessing to many nations. Tune in every Sunday and be blessed.

Books and Publishing

Bukolooto Christian Faith Centre and Pr. Ian Sebbanja have published a number of books aiming at growing the believer into faith. Some of the books in publication include;

  1. The Strategies of Jesus
  2. The Kingdom suffers violence
  3. What God Taught me about fasting

In addition, the ministry prints and distributes free gospel handouts to the public.