Bukolooto Christian Centre


Thanking God

Hello Pastor Ian I am so grateful to God for the great work He is using you to do. For a long time I was yearning for the gift of the Holy Spirit until I heard you on radio teaching about the Holy Spirit and how to receive Him, well I thank God so much I did receive the Holy Ghost and I even started speaking in tongues . My life has drastically changed thank you and God bless you.

Blessed with increase

Hello Apostle Ian am so grateful to God that blessed me with a great increase last year. After I attended the night of prayer on 31st December I received land, got my marriage and gave birth to a baby boy in the same year. I am so happy God is good.

Bukolooto Christian faith Centre takes the gospel to India

We have had an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with several of the Hindu People in India including the school little children.

Although the preaching of Jesus Christ is persecuted in the country , the people have gained confidence in standing for what they believe in .

some also had questions that were perturbing but we had a quality time of answering them from the bible -the word of God.

“We held a massive conference at Dhaj Post Bhunda in Mandiv Surat district where a number of people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour” Pr. Ian said on his arrival in Kampala